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CH Cyncar Head Coach of Croatia
CH Korcula Midnight Star Bret D x CH Snowood Cyncar Ami of Croatia

Coach is incredibly sound with powerful side-gait and is a Coach-Dog through and through. He has a lovely dark eye, great pigmentation, tight feet and loads of bone. He is an amazing boy and one of our all time favorites! We had the pleasure of him staying with us for a couple of weeks and fell in love! He has the most amazing temperament you will ever encounter!

  • Whelped: July 23, 1994
  •  Sex: Male
  •  Color: Black Spotted
  •  Eyes: Brown
  •  Height: 24"
  •  BAER: Bi-lateral
  •  OFA: Good (DM1952G27M-T)
  • Best in Sweeps DCA 1995
  • Award of Merit DCA 1996

Sire of our latest kids:
Bret D Pokatalica Malibu Rum 'Cinnamon'
Pokatalica Bret D Hollywood Nights 'Briggs'
Bret D Pokatalica Irish Boy O'Riley 'Riley'

Bred By:
Forrest Johnson, Cyndi Handley
& Meg Hennessey
Owned By:
Marie D. Zink of Bret D Dalmatians
Susanne Hughes of Snow Hill Dalmatians

CH Cyncar Head Coach of Croatia  'Coach'

CH Korcula Midnight Star Bret D CH Fireman's Freckled Friend CH Count Miguel of Tuckaway
Diamond D's Dot to Dot
CH Korcula Midnight Serenade Gemini's Proud Discovery
CH Korcula Midnight Hannah
CH Snowood Cyncar Ami of Croatia CH Long Last Perfect for Paisley CH Sunnyglen's Spencer For Hire
CH Long Last Solar Flare
CH Snowood Paisley Cyncar Me Special CH Fireman's Freckled Friend
CH Snowood Paisley Cameo Croatia



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In Loving Memory of Simba (7/9/94 - 9/18/08) and Princess (07/15/93 - 07/11/08)
You will be in our hearts forever... our best friends and the one's who started it all...