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C  B O T T O M S   U P   P L A Y   T H E   P I P E S
Ch Tuckaway Augusta x Ch Bottoms Up Tutti Frutti

Owen came to live with us from September 15, 1998 until August of 2000. He was our first liver Dalmatian and boy was he fun. 5 days after he came home to us Michelle showed him in Junior Showmanship and won Best Junior Handler over a large entry. He was also a great dog to photograph as you can see in the above pictures! We sincerely thank the Remmele's for letting Michelle show him in Juniors!

  • Whelped: 12-7-95

  •  Sex: Male

  •  Color: Liver Spotted

  •  Eyes: Almond

  •  BAER: Bi-lateral


Along with Owen's help Michelle achieved her 1999 ranking as
#1 Dalmatian handler,
#2 Non-sporting Handler
& #2 Overall handler!
Ben (her malamute) also helped by making her the #1 Malamute handler, and #1 Working breed handler!




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In Loving Memory of Simba (7/9/94 - 9/18/08) and Princess (07/15/93 - 07/11/08)
You will be in our hearts forever... our best friends and the one's who started it all...