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Born March 17th, 2005
CH Cyncar Head Coach of Croatia x Pokatalica's All Fired Up

Puppies pictured at 6 weeks old!
Most of the puppies kept their Irish Themed names, the ones that changed are noted.

Quinlan is now
We are very excited that Quinlan will be shown when she's old enough!

Finian is now
Finian is a total companion, he's our little goofball and always has a kiss for everyone!


Devin is now


Brennan is now
'Oliver' or

How Cute is that?!?!?



MacKenna is now
 and will enter the show ring when the time is right!



1 Week Old 2 Weeks Old 3 Weeks Old 5 Weeks Old 6 Weeks Old 6 Week Group Puppy Pedigree

* More 6 week old pictures... Click Here! *

Time Born Name/(Ribbon Color) Sex Color Birth Weight
2:15 am Nessa F Liver (Ear Patch) 16 oz!
2:50 am Donovan (Black) M Liver 13 oz
3:35 am Quinlan / (Rainbow) F Liver 12 oz
3:45 am Dugan / (Blue) M Black 13 oz
4:25 am Finian / (Orange) M Liver 12 oz
5:35 am Brennan / (Green) M Liver 13 oz
6:20 am Devin / (Yellow) F Liver 13 oz
9:17 am MacKenna / (Purple) F Liver 14 oz



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In Loving Memory of Simba (7/9/94 - 9/18/08) and Princess (07/15/93 - 07/11/08)
You will be in our hearts forever... our best friends and the one's who started it all...