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Jack x Cinnamon Puppies

Whelped October 31st, 2006

Oh my, who to keep? They are all so perfect. Gomez (who we nicknamed JJ) is always doing something cute. Wednesday wakes up whenever anyone comes in to visit and demands to be held and loved. The two of them are two peas in a pod. They sleep, eat and play at the same time, all the time.
Pugsley is a lazy-man and is perfectly happy sleeping in our laps all day. Glinda is  precious, loving to be held and and is just as lazy as her brother Pugs. JJ and Wednesay Adams just trample and play on top of them while they snooze.
All four pups are fat and happy and seem to hear. They will be BAER tested early December.


1st born: 9:20pm
Black Boy * Gomez (JJ)

2nd born: 10:45pm
Liver Boy * Pugsley

3rd born: 11:36pm
Black Patched Girl * Glinda

4th Born: 3:18am
Liver Patched Girl * Wednesday Adams

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