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Do they get much cuter? What a fun litter this has been. Watching them grow and develop structurally and personality wise has been a wonderful treat. Remember sleepy Glinda who was always last to wake up and first to go to sleep? Not anymore! She is now first up and last down. She has the softest most loving eyes and a fun personality. Had she not been a patch she would be staying here with us as she is a super-sound mover.

Wendy is, always has been and always will be Miss Congeniality. She reminds us of Wendy from Peter Pan, everybody loves her and she loves everyone. She always makes you feel special and she's super cute to boot!

Pugsley is laid back, but boy is he brave! They knocked over a plant in the living room so I brought in the shop-vac  and he had to stick around and help, he though that it was pretty cool -- noise and all. Pugsley has many qualities we like about him, especially his lovely foot timing, and we think he will make a fun showdog. His nose trim is coming in more and more each week and we think it will finish as a new spot is coming through just in these past few days.

Finally, JJ. What to say about this incredibly spunky boy? He has pizazz that's for sure. He knows how handsome he is and never puts a foot down wrong. He even has his suck up routine mastered insisting that we keep him; and he has one of those faces you just can't say no to!

We are having a difficult time choosing who to keep between Pugsley and JJ. Because we have an extraordinary liver boy, Duke, from Becka's litter that we co-own in Tennessee we are leaning towards keeping a black male this time so may send Pugsley to a show home.

JJ * Black Spotted Male * (Previously Gomez)
Pugsley * Liver Spotted Male *
Glinda * Black Spotted Female *
Wendy * Liver Spotted Female * (Previously Wednesday)


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